Hardy Shrub Liners for Further Growing

We are a wholesale liner nursery, growing plants in Michigan.

We specialize in propagating and growing flowering woody shrubs and conifer liners serving Michigan and the Eastern United States. Michigan grown liner plants are strong and hardy zone 4.

We offer cell trays in flats of 30’s and our quarts are in flats of 15
Quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority
All plants are hand pruned, graded, and potted



Horizon Plants, LLC


Our current inventory of saleable plants can be found on this web site on the Availability tab.  Also please visit our product library for plant information and photographs.

We also offer a grow to order program.  We propagate or graft plants that are regularly short in the market. We also propagate specific varieties requested by our customers.

Your plants will be propagated and  potted into the pot size you want, hand pruned to ensure vigor and quality and supplied at the time of year you need it at a completive price.

Please refer to the Grow to Order tab on this web site for more information.

Think of Horizon Plants LLC as a satellite of your own business.


We have a stock plant area that is strictly for the production of propagation wood. This maintains genetic control, healthy, strong, pest and disease free material which is ready for propagation.

Where ever possible apical tips are removed at cutting stage to begin the branching process.

Rooted cuttings are pruned in the propagation cell tray to encourage more branching and strong healthy root systems.


Rooted plugs are graded, pruned and hand potted into 30 cell trays or quart pots, with a bark based soil mix containing a slow release fertilizer. We try to mimic the growing on nursery environment as much possible. We minimize the use of folia/liquid feeds as we find plants become reliant on the feed. Our aim is to aid growth and reduce the risk of a transitional potting/planting check.

The 30 cell trays are well suited for further growing on into 1 - 2 gallon pots. Quart liners are ready to go into 3 to 5 gallon pots or direct into a field nursery depending upon your needs.

Well branched, strong, healthy liners are our goal.

We enjoy what we do and it shows in the product we sell.