Grow to Order Program

This is a program where we propagate/graft what you want


We can propagate/graft from our stock plants, your growing stock, or from a plant in your landscape. The source of the wood is up to you. The wood just needs to be pest and disease free.


How many do you need? We will do our best to accommodate requirements.


What is the finished size you are looking for? Are you planting into the field or into containers? This will determine the liner size you require. We can produce to your preferred size 50’s, 30’s, Quart’s, or Gallon’s.


What time of year were you looking to pot/plant the liners? Spring, Summer or Fall. You can spread out the supply in to two or three batches i.e. a batch in April, a batch in June and a final batch in August/September.


Plant inspection throughout production cycle is not a problem. You can visit the nursery in person or we can email photos to you. Both work great.

Does the variety you are looking for have a patent, royalty, trade mark?

If so, we will need to look into getting licensed to propagate. This does have some complications. Some companies don’t or won’t release licenses. With others, there is a cost to setting up a license which can be expensive. This is often affected by how many you are looking to grow.

Confirmation of volume

Production numbers will be confirmed by September prior to the arranged supply date. However, Michigan winters can take a toll, no matter how much protection is given.


Due to the nature of grow to order and placing an order one to two years in advance, pricing is either 10% off our availability on lines currently in production or a price quote on a new variety reflecting the advanced order. No money is required up front, unless previously agreed.

When does an order become a grow to order

Orders have to be placed a minimum of twelve months in advance of supply depending on variety, production cycle and size.

Do I need to reorder each year?

Yes, confirmation via email is required each year.

Canceling orders

Orders can be cancelled via email by September prior to the arranged supply date, i.e. delivery arrangements for spring 2018 need to be cancelled by September 2017.