About Horizon Plants, LLC

About Melvyn Corner

We are a wholesale nursery, growing plants in Michigan. We specialize in flowering woody shrubs and conifers serving Michigan and the Eastern United States.

We have an availability list and plant library on line. If we don’t have the quantity or size you require or the liner plant your looking for in our current inventory, check out our grow to order program.

We currently offer liners in cell trays of 30’s which pot directly into one and two gallons. Our quarts are in flats of 15 which pot directly into three to five gallons or direct into the field. Potting/planting size depends on the vigor of the plant and its growing environment.

The source of our propagation/grafting material/wood is important to us. We use mother plants as much as possible to maintain clonal identity. Our plants are strong and hardy zone 4. Michigan winters create a natural dormancy. The last frost date is Memorial Day which extends the potting time frame and benefits growers in labor and crop management.

All plants are hand pruned, graded, and potted to continue and maintain quality control and to achieve an even grade of finished plants. Our goal is for you to treat Horizon Plants LLC like a satellite of your own business Quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We enjoy what we do and it shows in the product we sell.





Owner Manager, Melvyn Corner, is a UK trained horticulturist. He began his horticultural training by attending a local community college studying part time and working part time at a local garden center. He then went on to study full time at Hadlow College of Horticulture, Kent, England where he obtained a National Certificate in Horticulture. After an 18 month internship in America, Melvyn returned to England to study full time at Warwickshire College of Horticulture, Warwickshire, and obtained an Advanced National Certificate of Horticulture.

Melvyn has experience at large nurseries producing both container shrubs and field grown stock. On the container production side, he has been responsible for propagating and growing on throughout the whole production cycle, from liner to finished plant. On the field grown side, he has been involved in the production of trees/conifers, chip budding/grafting and lifting.

In 2001 Melvyn started a propagation and liner nursery business in Cheshire, England, suppling to local nurseries. In 2006, Melvyn immigrated to Michigan and worked for a liner producer.

He left to start his own business, Horizon Plants LLC in 2011, propagating and growing liners for further growing on. He started with one greenhouse with about 1000 square feet and year by year has increased his production area. Expanding the range of plants from just flowering shrubs, then adding climbing plants, conifers and more recently grafted plants. Always innovating and expanding. Melvyn still finds time to keep up with his hobbies, camping, kayaking, biking, hiking, fishing, swimming and enjoying the outdoor life. He also raises meat chickens and enjoys seasonal acting.